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Iossi introduces Velux  Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnel Difference

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Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels can bring natural light in up to 95% of your home. Now you can have natural light in areas that once required strong electrical lighting.

The most innovative skylight with a product design that delivers brighter natural light and the easiest installation. The Sun Tunnel can help reduce utility costs by providing previously darker areas with natural daylight, whether it is for a bathroom, closet, utility room, study, or hallway - these Energy Star qualified Sun Tunnels can make your life a little brighter.

Available with new decorative diffusers, we are sure you will love the difference a Sun Tunnel can make.


Key Features and Benefits include;

  • Weather tight flashings that are compatible with most roofing materials.
  • Standard Glazing for energy efficiency allows you comfort on hot days and cold nights.
  • Convenient Controls through manual telescopic rods and electric RF remote control systems.
  • Clean and Quiet Safety glass with multiple options.
  • Silicon dioxide makes Neat®glass exceptionally smooth for even water dispersion and quick evaporation.
  • Titanium dioxide reacts with the sun's UV rays causing organic materials on the glass to decompose. Even on cloudy days. Then when it rains, the decomposed dirt is rinsed away, requiring less time cleaning windows.
  • Reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than standard double pane glass and up to 50% less than plastic skylights.
  • Safety - Velux recommends and building codes require laminated glass for out of reach applications.
  • Tempered Glass for skylights within reach, consisting of a dual pane, triple-coated with loE3, dual sealed and injected with argon gas - to provide energy efficiency and thermal performance year round.
  • Multiple installation choices.
  • Flat/low roof solutions.
  • Multiple colors and options for the Blinds.
  • Accessories.
  • Most products are ENERGY STAR qualified in all 50 states - meaning they meet the strict energy efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • No Leak skylights.
  • Tax breaks on qualified products.

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Love your house but wish some of the darker areas could get more sunlight? Iossi hears you. Contact us for a free quote on helping make your dream a reality. Your Choice.

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