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Iossi Classic Beaded: Pro-Bead

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Iossi Classic Beaded Soffit: Pro-Bead


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Classic Beaded Soffit: Pro-Bead

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Pro-Beaded 8" Soffit Vented

The Pro-Bead Soffit system adds a touch of old world charm reminiscent of the American South. It adds character and a subtle finishing touch that makes it a top choice among home owners. Check out the features and options!

pro bead vented 

pro bead vented cllose up

pro bead vented features

pro bead vented performance

Pro-Bead 8" Soffit Non-Vented

pro bead vented soffit

pro bead non vented soffit close up

pro bead non vented features

pro bead non vented performance


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Smooth Fascia: When wood fascia is covered using pre-formed or field-formed smooth aluminum trim, it provides you with years of worry free protection. Maintenance-free means you can forget about peeling paint or faded colors.

  • Smooth Aluminum Trim Sheet is the perfect custom solution for protecting fascia, trim boards, window and door casings
  • Ribbed Fascia Trim Or Smooth Fascia Trim- 4", 6", 8", and 10". Color availability varies by width. Pre formed fascia delivers the ultimate fit, finish and protection right from the start.

Textured Fascia: Continue to enjoy the look of freshly painted wood without regular maintenance and repainting that wood requires.

  • PVC Coated Aluminum Trim Sheet- a custom solution for protecting your fascia, trim boards, window and door casings.
  • PVC Coated Fascia Trim - 6" and 8": Preformed and perfect right from the start
  • WoodGrain Embossed Fascia Trim - 4", 6", 8", and 10". Delivers the ultimate fit, finish and protection. Color availability varies by width.


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Your Choice

Home projects can quickly become daunting. You begin by deciding that that you want to change something, do a little research, and you can easily become lost in all the information out there. That's where having a reputable contact can help you make that intitial vision a reality. That's where Iossi comes in.

Our Expertise

With Iossi, you are getting someone who knows the area, who knows what works, and who the best people are to make it happen. Iossi has a trustworthy reputation for a reason; we've earned it! Let us earn your trust by helping provide you with the best products and people to make your vision a reality.

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