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Iossi Traditional Lap Siding

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Iossi Traditional Lap Siding
What is Dutch Lap Siding?

Siding is usually referred to as Traditional, Dutch Lap or Beaded. Common terms that are used interchangeably include Traditional, Lap Siding, Horizontal, Cover siding and Clapboard.

You may even hear it referred to as Ship Lap, because it resembles the sides of old wooden ships. With a long history, siding was used extensively in early Colonial America. Because many of the settlers were from Europe, where shipbuilding was prevalent, the same techniques used to cut the long narrow wooden planks for the ships, were later used to cut the planks used to build homes.

Back in Europe, then later in America, people wanted something that set their houses apart while craftsmen sought the same to set their work apart from each other.

This is how Dutch Lap came into being. Craftsmen would cut a notch into the planks, in order to give it a distinct and decorative shadow line. This effort took a lot of time, so it was often seen only on the homes of the wealthy.

Modern technology made this beautiful shadow line available to everyone, while increasing the efficiency.

Distinctive, the shadow line not only offers an aesthetic appeal, but also serves to protect the exterior surface from the elements by offering a recessed curve that aligns the top of each plank letting it fit more tightly. With many colors, material choices and sizes available, and by using materials that are both cost effective and more resilient to the elements, it quickly became and remains one of the most popular choices.

With simple lines, various textures, distinct profiles and a wide array of colors, Traditional Lap Siding is an excellent investment for your home. Iossi is proud to offer you a premier vinyl siding panel that delivers everything you need for durability, design and colors through the Quest Series; or if you prefer a durable classic cedar-look with many features found only in the most expensive vinyl siding panels, check out our Carvedwood Series.

Which is right for you? Carvedwood or Quest?

There is so much more than color to consider when choosing your siding. Each category of siding will have it's own unique features and benefits. Both the Carvedwood and Quest series offers excellent durability, a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and a broad range of colors, and accessories. Please click on the appropriate tab below, to see the key features for each for quick comparison. For actual details on your choice, we encourage you to view the select page for that product.

For more information, please call us - we are always glad to answer your questions.


Quest Siding Quick Info

With an authentic wood look that comes with a tornado tough design and superior strength, Quest Siding is available in a 35 standard colors and is the color leader in vinyl siding.

quest siding quick information

Carvedwood Siding Quick Info

Carvedwood 44 delivers strength, durability and the beauty of real wood in 26 different colors, six distinct profiles and is available in either a smooth or wood grain finish. A beautiful choice for almost any home exterior.

carvedwood quick info

What about Aluminum Siding?

Iossi offers both the Envoy and Endurance Lines for Traditional Lap Siding under the Aluminum category, because having multiple options, and features is important when it comes time to customize your home and satisfy your budgeting needs.

Here are just a few of the features that make both these lines so incredible:

  • Third Party Certified to contain 77% recycled content, including the exclusive Alumalure 2000 finish
  • Alumalure® is a two-coat finish that holds its color and resists corrosion, It outperforms the competition in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Research Center Green Approved Product
  • Exceptional strength and non-combustible materials offer a significant advantage over wood siding
  • Low Maintenance, won't chip, flake, blister, crack, split
  • Superb Testing results
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

For more information, please call us - we are always glad to answer your questions.


Envoy Aluminum Siding Quick Info

Creating the traditional look of wood siding, the Envoy offers a strong, realistic shadow line where the panels appear to overlap.

envoy quick info inset

Endurance Aluminum Siding Quick Info

With the look of historic wood siding, a realistic shadow line, the Dutch lap (double 5") panels overlap each other with a shiplap joint and have a unique flat face and cove that creates a narrower reveal line.

endurance quick points inset

Your Choice

When you choose home improvement products for your home, you want them to last. You also want the company that stands behind those products to be there when you and if you ever need them. Partner with Iossi for your home improvement projects and you can rest assured that the products, the workmanship, and the support you need is not only local, but has a vested interest in ensuring you're satisfied. Your choice.

Our Expertise

At Iossi,we understand the key to satisfied customers is the ability to listen, to share the customer's vision, to understand their budget, to offer them products that come with great warranties, and installation provided by reliable, qualified, expert craftsmen. It was a part of our mission from the beginning, and after all these years, we still stand by that mission. Just like we will stand by you.

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