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Iossi Endurance Aluminum Siding


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Designed to recreate a historical wood look, the Endurance Aluminum Siding offers all the beauty and nostalgia of traditional wood siding, without the problems most common to wood like insect damage, wood rot, or the need for costly maintenance.

With Color retention technology, the Endurance has been tested for real weather conditions and accelerated UV testing, passing easily and proving it can hold up in extreme weather conditions.

The panels are designed and engineered to be more rigid, allowing them to remain straighter on the walls.

Color read testing shows that when a spherical spectrophotometer, a 10,000 watt xenon flash tube bounces light off a siding panel, and the information is then analyzed to determine if the color falls within accepted ranges for consistency and match. Endurance succeeds.

Gloss test, determines if the products gloss falls within a target range, because gloss is an important aspect to the aesthetic appeal, and again Endurance succeeds.

The Alumalure 2000 finish far surpasses the accelerated corrosion test that competitors with a single coat of polyester over metal do not.

The Alumalure 2000 finish also stands up wonderfully when subjected to the Sun exposure testing, again surpassing competitors.

Endurance Double 4"

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endurance double 4" colors

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endurance metals performance

Endurance Double 5' Dutch Lap

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endurance double 5 dl colors

endurance double 5 dl features

endurance double 5 dl performance



endurance metals accessories

Your Choice

When you choose home improvement products for your home, you want them to last. You also want the company that stands behind those products to be there when you and if you ever need them. Partner with Iossi for your home improvement projects and you can rest assured that the products, the workmanship, and the support you need is not only local, but has a vested interest in ensuring you're satisfied. Your choice.

Our Expertise

At Iossi,we understand the key to satisfied customers is the ability to listen, to share the customer's vision, to understand their budget, to offer them products that come with great warranties, and installation provided by reliable, qualified, expert craftsmen. It was a part of our mission from the beginning, and after all these years, we still stand by that mission. Just like we will stand by you.

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