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Iossi Cedar Discovery Hand-Split

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Iossi Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake 
Cedar Discovery Hand-Split

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With the rough texture and wood grain of real cedar shakes you can add a beautiful touch of nostalgia to your current home.

The best feature of today's shakes and shingles?  They all offer an authentic appearance while eliminating the significant weakness of real wood products - wood rot.

With Cedar Discovery many home owners find the beauty of American wood without the lifetime of maintenance or repair.

Perfect for accents, wainscots, entryways, or full home cladding, designed for strength and durability, and with low maintenance the choice is yours.

  • Unmatched beauty and versatility with a wide range of styles, colors, textures and options for accessories.
  • Save dollars, time and hassles!  Cedar Discovery Shakes & Shingles never need to be painted or stained.
  • Rigidity:  Panels are designed and engineered to be more rigid so the siding remains straight on the wall.
  • Color Read Test:  Using a spherical spectrophotometer, a 10,000 watt xenon flash tube bounces light off a siding panel and the information is then analyzed to determine if the color falls within accepted ranges for color consistency and match.
  • Weathering: Color retention is also tested by subjecting the products to real-time weather conditions and accelerated UV testing. This ensures that your products will hold up in the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • Impact Resistant: Hail, rocks, baseballs... no matter what life throws at you the Cedar Discovery® is designed to absorb it.
  • Vertical Height Impact Testing: measures the durability and ability to resists impact forces, requiring products to be the proper thickness, formulation and include impact modifiers.

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? Call Iossi today to get started.... we are always happy to work with you.

Iossi is a certified Vinyl Siding Installer. Through the Vinyl Siding Institute's Certified Installer Program experienced professionals receive thorough training on proper, industry-approved vinyl siding installation techniques. VSI's certification process involves a combination of classroom training, hands-on instruction, and a written test given by a VSI Certified Trainer. It is important to note that the quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the product you select.

Look for these labels to ensure your siding is certified by VSI.

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Beauty that lasts a lifetime, backed by a V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty The Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake offers a 5 Point Locking System:

  • 1. Sure Position Lapping Gauge™
  • 2. 2-C-Lok™ Continuous Locking System
  • 3. Patented Tornado Tough Nail Hem
  • 4. Patented Full-Panel Side-Lok™
  • 5. Side Flange with Nail Slot

In addition the Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake offers the following features:

  • Wind Speed rated up to 190 MPH
  • Sustainable - Crafted of readily available natural materials, safe, sustainable and recyclable
  • No Paint - Ever. No need to paint or stain, so harmful VOCs aren't released into the atmosphere
  • Breathe Easy - cutting does not produce harmful silica dust, a dust that can cause lung disease
  • Flex-Easier Installation, eases the panels into tight places, ensuring a perfect fit and professional finish
  • Longer Panels for faster installation - up to 12% longer than competitors' panels
  • Matching Corner Posts and Traditional Corner Posts are also available
  • Subtle shading and variations in color recreate the look of naturally weathered cedar
  • V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Your Choice

When you choose home improvement products for your home, you want them to last. You also want the company that stands behind those products to be there when you and if you ever need them. Partner with Iossi for your home improvement projects and you can rest assured that the products, the workmanship, and the support you need is not only local, but has a vested interest in ensuring you're satisfied. Your choice.

Our Expertise

At Iossi,we understand the key to satisfied customers is the ability to listen, to share the customer's vision, to understand their budget, to offer them products that come with great warranties, and installation provided by reliable, qualified, expert craftsmen. It was a part of our mission from the beginning, and after all these years, we still stand by that mission. Just like we will stand by you.

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