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Gutter Roof is a type of metal domed system. There is a considerable amount of consumer awareness that metal dome systems worth the best for leaves and other organic debris. The concept is simple. Debris falls on to the cover, where most of it blows off with the wind. The remainder is rinsed off with rain. Typically, the debris falls off at the nose portion of the gutter protection, while the water, through the process of surface tension, follows the rounded contour of the nose and falls off when it reaches the straight edge in the trough system.

Most metal dome systems are constructed of .019 gauge aluminum which is not strong enough to support the panels. Gutter Roof is constructed from .025 gauge aluminum alloy which dramatically increases the durability of the panels. We have discovered that a 7" slot in the trough is the most effective size to allow incidental debris to be flushed through the gutter system, yet still supply adequate support to guard against warping and collapsing of panels.

The finish has always been an issue. Baked-on enamel finish (still used by the majority of the metal dome systems) eventually fades during the summer with being up on the roof and exposed to the hot sun. Dirt and tress resin forms a crust which not only makes the system unsightly and noticeable, but affects the overall performance. Organic debris sticks to the crust and gets washed into the trough system and causes clogs. Some homeowners complain about the noticeable contrast from the smooth baked-on enamel finish of the gutter protection and the gritty texture of the roof.

Gutter Roof's coating of roofing granules solves the issues associated with the aesthetics of other products. Gutter Roof blends in with the roof much more effectively than the other finishes and will not develop the crusting associated with most metal dome systems.

The roofing granules enhance the process of surface tension due to slowing down the water on the rough surface and additional surfaces area. We have yet to see another system which water adheres to better than our new finish. Consequently rain water flyover will be greatly minimized.

The most important ingredient to an effective system is trained installers. All the features and benefits to the homeowner are lost if the product is not installed properly. Gutter Roof has a training facility available in the Chicago area with classroom instruction and three rooms of practical application. Each room becomes progressively harder, and by the end of the course, the installers will have come across every roof application imaginable. Installers may not progress on to the next room until they perform consistent and proficient installs in that particular room. All installers that have passed the rigorous training course receive a Certificate of Merit from Gutter Roof.

Our goal has always been to have a product that works great and is unnoticeable on the home. Gutter Roof is finally the product that goal.


Gutter Roof

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding Gutter Roof.

  • Will Gutter Roof take away from the curb appeal of my home?
  • The majority of gutter protection systems use high profile indirect-connect bracket systems. Instead of following the roof line, the brackets raise the gutter protection above the gutter making it more noticeable. Gutter Roof uses a low profile mount which connects to the lip of the gutter and follows the contour of the roof. The roof granules work like camouflage with the gutter protection and the roof. We have matched our roof granules with most of the major roofing companies.

  • Is Gutter Roof dependent upon roof pitch for effectiveness?
  • While many gutter protection systems can be installed on a limited pitch range, Gutter Roof can be installed on any pitched roof. Water surface tension is stronger on Gutter Roof because the roofing granules slow down the flow of water through absorption and friction. Gutter Roof out performs most of the metal dome systems currently available.

  • How is Gutter Roof Installed?
  • Gutter Roof is based on a design developed in 1993. Gutter Roof mounts directly to the existing gutter and the roof. this low profile mounting system provides the strength to stand up to the elements and the aesthetics to go unnoticed and still work properly.

  • Why is Gutter Roof more effective than other products?
  • There are subtle differences in the Gutter Roof design that makes it superior to other products. There are no vertical openings in the panel for debris to fill in or mesh together, clogging the system. The system is low profile and the gritty texture of Gutter Roof matches the texture and color of shingles, making it almost invisible. The finish does not fade or chalk and is backed up by a Lifetime Warranty on the material.

  • Will the installation of Gutter Roof under my second row of shingles void my roof warranty?
  • There is a great deal of propaganda being spread by our competitors that are envious of our superior mounting system. We don't know any case where the roof mount proto-type has had an insurance claim filed for a leaky roof. Common sense dictates that it shouldn't be a concern. Your roof wasn't glued on. It was nailed. We have sent our installation methods to the four major roofing manufacturers, and they are satisfied that our installation methods will not compromise the integrity of the roof.

  • Will Gutter Roof provide ice protection in my gutters?
  • Only heated systems provide ice protection along with leaf protection. Gutter Roof is specifically designed to keep out organic debris. You will see icicles much sooner because the ice will sit on top of the gutter protection instead of overflowing from the gutters. Icicles form on uncovered gutters in two ways; snow accumulating in gutters and water dripping from roof and refreezing in gutters until they overflow, and from ice that backs up through the downspout.

Your Choice

It's that time of year....again. Time to clean the gutters. Wouldn't you rather be enjoying yourself and not have to worry about the maintenance? Iossi can help. With a gutter protection system, you can reclaim your time and spend it as you wish. Your Choice.

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When it comes to saving time and money, Iossi has the proven history for providing quality products and expert workmanship to help with that. Check with us for your next home improvement project.

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