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A stable home is a system comprised of many components that are designed to work together and/or enhance each other. A roof is a solid investment that plays a major role in protecting your home from the elements, as do windows and your foundation. But there is another component necessary to protecting your home. Your gutter system.

A good gutter system is designed to catch water runoff and direct it away from your home. Without this system in place your home is more vulnerable to rot, water damage, foundation damage and even fire - when dry debris collects in the gutters or downspouts. Another issue is wildlife. A gutter filled with debris becomes an inviting area for wildlife - and we all know someone who has a story about squirrels in the attic! So it is necessary to make sure that you check and maintain your gutters.

Many professionals suggest cleaning your gutters twice a year if you do not have a Gutter Protection System; and cleaning them once every two years if you do.

Iossi has the experience and knows the regional factors that can become an issue. So when it comes to choosing your gutters and/or a Gutter Protection System, request a free quote and enjoy that peace of mind that comes from choosing well and Livin'' good!

About Gutters

with and without proper gutter system

As you can see in the above image, a home with a good gutter system stays healthy while a home lacking one becomes vulnerable to many unhealthy conditions.

The right gutter system combined with a drainage method can provide you with a water management plan designed to protect your home and grounds. Without it, water will collect on the ground around your foundation, eventually working its way inside and causing expensive water and moisture problems.

The moisture problems that occur with water collecting around your foundation is that it will find its way into your basement, crawlspace or concrete floor. The air in your home will absorb some of it, but not enough. The moisture heavy air will settle against cool surfaces like your windows, interior walls, and the attic. If left unattended it can also cause fungal rot and mold leading to health problems. Excessive water can damage your paint, cause dry rot on fascia boards, soffits and roofing.

Excess water runoff can also damage your landscaping and foundation. It can cause soil erosion, and cause your foundation to compress and compact, weakening it. Repeated soakings can carry your topsoil down through any limestone draining material laid during your homes construction and leading to back up problems. Too much water can lead to basement flooding and cracking and settling of your foundation.

In dry seasons, the accumulated debris in gutters and downspouts poise a fire hazard.

So which is more important, the gutters or the downspouts? The answer depends on the size of your roof area and how many places there are available to channel the water into a downspout as well as where the downspout will drain it to.

Iossi can discuss your particular homes needs with you to help you select the proper type and size of gutters and downspouts you should have, as well as addressing any special conditions that might affect your home, like ice and water shields; Whether or not you have the proper components to avoid ice dams - which can damage the gutter and the areas where it is attached to the home, or a drip edge - which is a sheet of metal that fits under the shingles and guides water away from the roofing material.

Remember a good gutter system works to direct excess water away from the house and foundation.

a gutters job

What is included in a gutter system?

gutter system2

Protection Systems

One thing that can extend the lifetime of your gutter system as well as boost it's efficiency is a Gutter Protection System.

A Gutter Protection System can help avoid the risk involved in cleaning your gutters, especially during windy, rainy, or cold seasons when falls are more likely to occur. In addition to that, many gutters are actually damaged when ladders are leaned against them improperly.

A Gutter Protection system can help safeguard against pest infestations, ice damage, staining caused by constant overflow of clogged gutters, seams splitting and storm or tree damage.

When loose debris collects in a gutter it begins to decompose, matting down and compressing into a solid sheet when it becomes damp, causing gutter clogs. Accumulated debris can be very dangerous to the life of your roof, accelerating wear and backing water up under the shingles. It can also create a back up, sending water cascading over the edges of the gutter and defeating the purpose of your gutters.

With a Gutter Protection System in place you can lessen and in many cases eliminate these hazards. Think of it as a sort of strainer that allows the water to run down into the gutter and to the downspouts, while holding back the debris, reducing the possibility of debris clogs and keeping wildlife out and away from the more vulnerable areas near the roof where they like to create holes for nesting.

With a Gutter Protection System you can go from cleaning your gutters a couple times a year, to maintenance once every couple of years.

Some of the key things to consider when selecting a Gutter Protection System are summed up nicely in the next two images. And remember, Iossi is always glad to answer any questions and help you select the system that is just right for your home and budget.

reasons for a gutter protection key features to looik for

Your Choice

You have an image in your mind of how you want your home to look; of warm summer evenings spent outside, crips autumn days filled with splashes of bright color, picture perfect snowy days and the beauty of an emerging spring season. However, the time required to maintain your home can sometimes seem to interfere. Which is why it is important to have a contractor you can trust to help you select the perfect products deisgned to give you more time enjoying your home than maintaining it. Your Choice.

Our Expertise

Iossi has a long successful history of serving the Quad City Area and knows which products will work, as well as having the experienced people necessary to install them - all at an affordable price. Taking the time to listen, applying that history of experience and offering only products that are tried-and-true, Iossi can make the tasks of home improvement much easier.

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