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Your Home Make Over Guide

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Define your Project

Are you thinking about a simple upgrade to your home, or a complete make over? Is the reason for the change(s) because you are planning on living there for some time, or because you are getting ready to put your home on the market?   Are you planning changes to the interior or the exterior or both? 

Putting your home on the market......

If you are putting your home on the market, there are projects that are considered important regarding curb appeal and resale value.

Be sure to watch the details that go along with these projects:

  • Trim - Does it compliment your doors, windows, siding?
  • Soffits - Do they show sign of rot or problems, offer adequate venting?
  • Style - Do your choices match your architecture?
  • Appeal - Does your home fit in with the neighborhood, yet still stand out on it's own?
  • Roof - almost all potential buyers will ask about the roof, so if you upgrade this, you want to make sure that your contractor provides you with adequate information regarding it. Also consider if you will be adding skylights or sun tunnels in order to bring additional light into the home?
  • Siding - Structure? Insulated? Weather resistant? Easy to maintain? Single color or themed?
  • Doors - Energy efficient? Security? Style? Does it catch the eye as buyers drive by?
  • Windows - Energy efficient? Security? Style? Trim? Function and Beauty? Do they enhance the exterior and the interior?

You want your home to catch the eye of potential buyers. You want to make sure that the doors, windows, siding, and trim flow or work together and that there are no signs of wood rot or peeling. You also want to make sure the choices fit the style of architecture you have, fit in with the neighborhood and yet still stand out.

Not leaving, but ready for a change.....

If you are updating for your own personal pleasure or as part of investing in your home, you want to make sure that your choices are a good investment and that the value of them will increase with time and not need to be redone anytime soon. Select products that help save energy, are easy to maintain, and will work easily with future changes if you plan on spacing out your projects. Check to see if tax credits are available with your choices, and ask about warranties.

What about cost?

A Iossi quote is free of charge, and is offered to our customers as a way to help them budget for the options and selections they decide they want.  If you already know your budget, we are always willing to discuss how to stay within it, without loosing quality.

Iossi Products are designed, researched, and tested to offer you optimal energy savings, and reduce both maintenance time and cost as well as helping to reduce the costs of involved in owning and living in the home of your dream.

Call us, and see what we can do for you.

Your Choice

Regardless of whether you are planning on making changes to your current home because you want to put it on the market, or simply because you want less maintenance and more enjoyment of your home, you should always have quality products at excellent prices. Your home is an investment and we understand that, which is why we take so much time to research, test and offer products that are designed to offer you the peace of mind that comes from investing wisely. Your Choice.

Our Expertise

There is a reason why, after all these years, we are still a company that is growing and going strong. It is because our customers are happy. They trust us. We pay particular attention to what they want, what their vision is and we offer only products that are tried-and-true, meant to save them money and make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient. We use only qualified professionals, and we offer excellent warranties. Good Livin' Begins with Iossi.

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